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Red Sky Trave Insurance Hurricane Preparedness 2024

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Red Sky Travel Insurance is the most trusted and experienced travel insurance provider to the vacation rental management community along the coast of North Carolina.


The Red Sky Travel Insurance team has successfully weathered many storms and major hurricanes affecting vacationing guests along the coast of North Carolina since 2008.  The lessons learned from these experiences helped us develop the comprehensive trip cancellation, trip delay and trip interruption hurricane benefits in our Sun Trip Preserver policy.   Red Sky is here to assist our partners, their team members, and their valued guests in navigating the storm process from beginning to end.  In advance of an approaching named tropical storm or hurricane, Red Sky expertly provides all the information needed to address your vacation planner’s questions, and your vacationing guests’ questions.  When a hurricane does disrupt vacationing guests’ stay dates, Red Sky’s claims team initiates an automated, expedited online claim process to ensure insured guests claims are reviewed and paid easily and quickly.


Hurricane season is June 1 – November 30, 2024.  The NOAA 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook issued May 23, 2024, can be reviewed through the following link:




The 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season is forecast to be 85% chance of an above average year.  The 2024 updated outlook calls for a 70% chance of the following:


  • 17 to 25 named storms
  • 8 to 13 hurricanes
  • 4 to 7 major hurricanes


As we enter the hurricane season, we would like to review the important hurricane benefits found in Red Sky’s Sun Trip Preserver policy as well as helpful recommended hurricane preparedness and response procedures.

Hurricane specific trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits of the Sun Trip Preserver travel insurance policy:

  • Mandatory Evacuation – “mandatory evacuation ordered by local government authorities at Your Trip destination due to a Natural Disaster or a hurricane named after Your Effective Date of Your coverage. You must have 4 days or 50% or less of Your Trip length remaining at the time the mandatory evacuation ends in order to cancel or interrupt Your Trip and for this benefit to be payable. We will only pay benefits for losses occurring within 30 calendar days after the mandatory evacuation;”


  • Uninhabitability – “Your or Your Traveling Companion’s final scheduled destination accommodations are made Uninhabitable by a hurricane named after Your Effective Date for Trip Cancellation for the greater of: 1) 4 days; or 2) 50% of Your scheduled Trip length. We will only pay benefits for a Trip Cancellation occurring within 30 days after the named hurricane makes Your destination accommodations Uninhabitable;” 


  • Road Closure – “a Road Closure causing a delay in reaching Your scheduled Trip destination for at least 6 hours. We will only pay benefits for losses occurring within 30 calendar days after the event which causes the interruption of road service.”


The following proactive hurricane preparedness and hurricane response best practices are helpful to vacationing guests and vacation planners when a hurricane occurs:


  • Post timely and informative bulletins on your website, social media platforms and emails in advance of a hurricane event.   Bulletin sources are the National Hurricane Center and your local, county, and state emergency management services sites.


  • Forward email and text communications to guests who have checked in and guests yet to arrive whose stay dates are affected by the hurricane.  The communications should inform guests of the storm status, instructions and sources for following the storm status, instructions for securing the vacation property when leaving, links to your website and social media platforms, instructions for evacuation departures, post evacuation re-entry and check in procedures. 



  • Post the link to file a claim on your website and social media platforms with instructions to file a claim for the nights their vacation stay dates were disrupted by the hurricane event; https://www.trippreserverclaims.com/ .


  • Update your office voicemail to guide guests’ concerns to the appropriate person / location and include a message that instructs insured guests to go to https://www.trippreserverclaims.com/ to file a claim for the nights their vacation stay dates were disrupted by the hurricane event and to call 866-889-7409 for any travel insurance questions.

Red Sky’s suite of insurance offerings, exquisite “high touch” personal service, support, responsiveness, and accessibility are exclusively and solely offered to the vacation rental management industry. Proven, effective, in person training by Red Sky’s team of experienced, former vacation rental management company veterans provides the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully maximize travel insurance sales. 

Please give us a call or email, we’d love to hear from you!

866-549-5283   [email protected]    www.redskyinsurance.com




Published on Monday, June 24, 2024

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