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Decoding Summer Wanderlust: Us Travel Trends and Insights



Every year, our global Summer Travel Survey, known as the Holiday Barometer, provides insights into upcoming travel trends. Delving into destination choices, budget allocations, preferred activities, and more, it offers invaluable data for industry professionals. As this summer season approaches, vacation rental professionals are gearing up to meet the evolving needs and preferences of travelers. Let's explore the latest data and trends shaping the US travel landscape, with a spotlight on North Carolina destinations.


  1. Understanding Traveler Trends and Preferences:


Our 2024 Holiday Barometer offers insights into the evolving preferences of US travelers. Notably, 28% of US travelers are considering vacation rentals for their summer getaways, driven by factors like privacy and unique experiences. US travelers are allocating an average of $4,199 for their summer holiday expenditures, with 57% citing budget as a crucial factor in destination choices.


  1. Capitalizing on Domestic Travel:


Domestic travel is set to lead the way this summer, with 56% of US travelers planning to explore destinations within the country. North Carolina, boasting seaside, mountain, and city locations, aligns perfectly with these preferences. Vacation rental properties in popular North Carolina destinations can attract travelers seeking immersive experiences and authentic encounters.


  1. Embracing Flexibility:


The rise of workation and flexcation experiences highlights the importance of flexibility in the vacation rental industry. Properties in North Carolina can cater to this demand by offering amenities such as high-speed internet and designated workspaces, appealing to travelers seeking remote work opportunities and extended stays.


  1. Exploring Emerging Travel Trends:


As travelers seek meaningful experiences, emerging trends like slow tourism, wellbeing trips, and culinary tours are gaining popularity. North Carolina's diverse offerings, from serene mountain retreats to vibrant city experiences, cater to these trends, allowing vacation rental properties to showcase unique features and attractions.


  1. Importance of Travel Protection:


With 42% of US travelers likely to purchase travel protection plans, it's crucial for vacation rental properties to partner with trusted providers. Offering peace of mind and financial protection, travel protection enhances the overall guest experience, promoting confidence and trust in North Carolina accommodations.


  1. Enhancing Guest Experience:


Exceptional guest experience is key to success in the vacation rental industry. By providing personalized welcome packages, curated local recommendations, and memorable experiences, North Carolina properties can foster loyalty and drive repeat bookings.


  1. The Takeaway:


As summer approaches, vacation rental professionals in North Carolina have an opportunity to capitalize on emerging trends and elevate the guest experience. By understanding traveler preferences, embracing flexibility, and prioritizing safety, properties can create unforgettable experiences and position themselves for success in a competitive market.


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Ready to Dive Deeper?


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Survey Methodology


The 2024 edition of the Holiday Barometer from Europ Assistance and Ipsos – a world renowned market research firm - was conducted in 21 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Australia. In each country, 1,000 consumers aged 18 years and older took part in an online questionnaire. The survey was conducted between March 27 and April 22, 2024 and investigated consumer holiday plans and travel preferences.


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Published on Friday, June 14, 2024

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