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Unforseen Events Happen


Unforeseen events happen and when they do, there are always financial consequences and disruptions to guest’s vacation plans. 


  • A family member is hospitalized just before a guest’s vacation check in date
  • A traveling companion contracts an illness the morning they are to travel to their vacation destination
  • A mandatory evacuation is ordered due to a hurricane during a guest’s vacation stay dates
  • An icy winter storm closes the roads to a mountain destination on the day of check in
  • A guest slips and falls and breaks an arm while on their trip
  • Winter temperatures are too warm for snow during a planned ski trip
  • A family member unexpectedly passes away
  • A guest is terminated from their job and unable to afford to attend their planned vacation


These unforeseen events and many others affect guest’s vacation plans daily, and when they do, there are always financial consequences.  Pre-paid non-refundable expenses cause a loss of monies guests pay to rent the vacation accommodation when cancellations and interruptions occur.  A guest’s health insurance provider doesn’t have a relationship with the medical service providers in the vacation destination where the guest is visiting and the guest is responsible for their medical expenses.  Without snow, there isn’t any reason to visit the ski resort in the winter season but the ski resort doesn’t refund monies when there isn’t snow.


Are you doing everything possible to successfully promote your travel insurance offering to your vacationing guests?  The successful promotion of travel insurance protects your guests if their vacation plans are affected by an unforeseen event anytime between the date of deposit and their date of check out.


The Red Sky team has been assisting their valued vacation rental company owners maximize their travel insurance sales and commission revenue since 2008.  Let Red Sky Travel Insurance team share proven “best practices” of promoting travel insurance for your benefit, your team’s benefit and your valued guest’s benefit.


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Published on Friday, March 8, 2024

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