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Join the NCVRMA Team!

In an industry that has changed so much over the past few years, one of the most important challenges we have collectively now is to share our growth experiences with an increasing number of stakeholders.  That means among big groups, little groups, elected groups, appointed groups, interested groups, and most importantly our customers and staff.  In short, what we're doing matters--visitor spending has been up in all 100 counties in recent years and the vacation rental community in many cases led the way out of the pandemic shock that affected so much of our $30 billion dollar tourism industry across the State.  That kind of success--all based on the hard work of entrepreneurs and their partnerships--carries with it a real responsibility.  That's where NCVRMA comes in--together, we simply tackle the challenges that no one in the industry can do on their own.  Working with the general assembly as they consider legislation?  We're there.  Talking with professionals in the Realtor, travel, and tourism communities?  We're there.  Making sure your voice is heard while you and your team are running your business.  That's our value proposition to you.  Best of all, we are composed of people who live the work and share what they have learned.  Our future is bright, with up-and-coming leaders like Caleb Hannon on board in leadership roles.  Join the NCVRMA team--we will make a difference together.  If you are a member already, we thank you for your leadership of our growing industry!

Published on Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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