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NCVRMA Year End from the Desk of Clark Twiddy


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As the end of the year rapidly approaches, I thought it might be worth sharing a few highlights of where your NCVRMA organizations stands at the close of the year.


In short, we're in a great spot--we've got a great group of new potential officers and board members, we've got strong sponsors, we've got a solid core working relationship with the North Carolina Realtor community, and we're on good financial footing as well.  We're also members of both the North Carolina Travel and Tourism Coalition and the North Carolina Travel Industry Association.  In 2024, your NCVRMA leadership team will also have a seat on the NC Realtor's legislative committee as well.


Simply put, this combination means that we're able to educate and advocate for professional vacation managers in every corner of the State.  


I invite you and your team to join our annual meeting--held remotely and for a short time--where we'll highlight senior regulatory voices, senior advocacy voices, and seasoned partner voices all with an eye toward supporting professional managers.  If you know a "VIP" who needs to be there, please let us know--we want this to be a "big tent" when it comes to engagement and education. Registration is required to attend. Click HERE to register.



 As you know, there is just no such thing as a "slow" time in professional vacation management--whether it's regulatory concerns, dynamic markets, shifting competitive landscapes, or sheer day-to-day communicative demands, we're all staying on our toes and that means that membership in your NCVRMA team is more valuable than it's ever been.


Above all, thank you to all the members and partners of the NCVRMA community.  It takes courage and hard work to support advocacy at the State level, and NCVRMA sets a strong example across our Nation--all thanks to individual members who act professionally to advance our shared profession.


Here's to a happy and healthy holiday season for your family, and we'll see you at our annual meeting.  

Best Regards,Clark Twiddy, President, NCVRMA


Published on Friday, November 17, 2023

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