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Thank You For Choosing A NCVRMA Professional

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Over the past few years, the vacation management industry as a whole has grown in ways that were scarcely predictable only a few short years ago--by one recent estimate, the travel category reached $60 billion dollars alone in the United States this year.  With that growth comes new waves of innovation, new collaborations, and new technologies that all help businesses create value either by adding new features or by removing points of friction in an experience.  

While all that investment and innovation gets the headlines, what's old is still new--the very basics of a great experience remain as important as they were a hundred years ago.  Safety and cleanliness remain at the very heart of a guest experience and the standards around those two topics are some of the most important value creators for our professional industry.  Whether it's the selection of the right kinds of cleaning chemicals, the right processes and procedures for safety inspections, or even the right kinds of regulations at the government level it's tough to underestimate the simple things over the lifetime of a customer relationship.

NCVRMA's members remain, by their very commitment, different from much of the travel industry in their profession.  You will find them in every county of the State--urban, rural, and in-between--and vested in their communities and school systems.  You will find them passionate about advocacy because that is how they help serve their homeowners and guests.  You will find them on the front lines of industry standards and regulations because they know that to do that well creates a better experience for their customers and staff.  You will find them locally, above all, and in the homes they are fortunate to represent.  

Thank you to the many guests who have chosen to trust their travel plans with a local entrepreneur making local decisions, and thank you to the many more who are thinking about visiting a professional vacation home in the future.  Welcome to North Carolina and welcome to this burgeoning entrepreneurial profession.

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Published on Monday, December 12, 2022

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